My Costa Rica adventure at Finca Luna Nueva

As one of the Organic Gardening Magazine and New Chapter’s Sacred Seeds contest winners, my husband and I were gifted with an all expense paid trip for 5 days to New Chapter’s Finca Luna Nueva’s Farm, Sacred Seed Sanctuary and Eco-Lodge in July, 2011.

I have come home with a new passion and commitment to the Sacred Seed project. The experience of being part of Luna Nueva and the people there has a life altering effect that I bring back to my world. To eat clean, live purely and work with purpose. They call it Pura Vida. I am deeply awed by the farm and want to learn more about bio-dynamics and the global community that practices this unique method. I am very happy to learn that my plant friends that are used in bio-dynamics grow in abundance here in the Pacific Northwest and are wild and wonderful all over my property:  Yarrow, Valerian, Chamomile, Dandelion, and even Stinging Nettles. That’s so cool.

Walking through and experiencing the Sacred Seed Sanctuary with Steven Farrell was a highlight to my whole stay at Luna Nueva. The farm tour with Antonio Marxuach, intern at Luna Nueva and owner of  “Moon Hill Dairy” in Colorado, was also fabulous and very enlightening, making me want to learn more and come back again soon. My next research plan is to read about Rudolf Steiner and get my hands on the book “Eco Farm” and “Acres” magazine by Charles Walters, also the book “Grasp the Nettle”. I am fascinated by how fungi is the key to life in the tropical rainforest and it really made sense when Steven explained that composting is natures mimicry. I’ve often joked in an almost chanting sing-song way to gardening children about how “it’s all about the compost, it’s all about the poo and the rot”…I was right apparently.

Steven’s incredible knowledge and passion of the medicinal plants in the tropics (and globally), and the need to preserve them at this time and in various places all over the world really made me understand the importance to join this effort to create a global network of like-minded people that are willing to set aside a sanctuary, no matter how small or large, for local medicinal herbs for the future of our mother earth and it’s inhabitants.

The modern world is a fascinating and fast paced place, with internet and networking, where strangers are no longer strange and foods are either fast and preserved or slow and worth savoring. Luna Nueva Lodge, Farm and Sacred Seed Sanctuary has re-affirmed my belief to enjoy preparing and appreciating nutritious meals, slow down to the rhythm of human, plant and creature connections and listen to the earth’s pulse. I have often said that you should “eat what is around you” and get back to a time when people didn’t travel to far away places and weren’t able to purchase foods from around the world regularly. I don’t mean stop eating bananas if you live in Olympia Washington, I mean that you should be more in-tune with your climate, seasons, and support local farmers. I also believe, for instance, that if you have hay fever and live in Olympia Washington, you should take bee pollen that is produced in the area, not go to the health food store and buy bee pollen made in New York State. It just makes sense holistically. Now that my husband and I have been to Costa Rica, however, we really love papayas, pineapple and bananas and plan on continuing to eat them more often, as well as more beans and rice. Pura Vida, Moe

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